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Does this feature existe ? if not , it needs to be added !

Created by [email protected] • 1 year ago
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[email protected]

On  Sep 11, 2021

Hello ,

I'm a new user , and i'v been playing around with some of the tools , and for a specific case i need a splitter ,

but the one provided isnt sufficent (at least for my case ) , cause for a given "N" sized bit , it only gives you the least significant "M" bits,

how do i get the other part of the bits, i was thinking of bit shifting , by it imlplies extra cost , i need something already embaded in this tools , and if there is any other way of doing it , i'd love to know about it .

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[email protected]

On  Sep 14, 2021

I managed to do so , using some tricky logic , it's in my 3-MSB series in SEQ LOGIC project , i hope i'll be helping someone with this !

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