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How do I implement a negative edge triggered JK Flip Flop?

Created by BYSANI R NAVANEETH • 2 years ago
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On  Apr 30, 2021

The default Flip Flop is positive edge triggered, but I need a negative edge triggered flip flop. How can I implement that?

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Cupid Stunt

On  Jun 19, 2021

Split your clock off in two. One one line put a buffer and nothing on the other. Join them with an and gate. The creates a variable delay that's equal to the sum of the delays of the buffer and the and gate. change the buffer delay to sync it's output with the falling edge of the clock. Put this inline with the positive edge triggered circuit and you're good to go.

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On  Jul 27, 2021

Just connect your trigger signal to the input of an inverter (NOT gate), then connect the inverter’s output to the D flip-flip’s CLK input.

The flip-flop will now be triggered when your trigger signal changes from high to low.

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